Ethar’s Poetry

Ethar Alyamama

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The book talks about the most beautiful things that have been said to describe women and the greatest poets and lovers who have spoken about them. It includes a deep description of the feelings and emotions of a woman—her tenderness, strength, anger and revolution; her ability to diagnose diseases and prescribe medicine; her maternal instincts, simplicity and selflessness; and her special features, flaws and vision in life. It deals with nature and its philosophy, and calls for learning from its living beings. The book also highlights internationally known idols and gives facts about their biography. Symbols from the finest people which are characterized by charity and sincerity, people that are worthy of love and appreciation and to be recognized as role models: poets, doctors, artists and athletes. The book does not overlook children with their innocence, and the elderly with their wisdom. It also touches on the biography of the late Princess Diana with her humanitarian and affluent feelings, as well as the facts and legends of different cultures, and translated the messages and sermons behind them. It discusses some important issues, such as alcoholism, and everything that disturbs the mind. It also deals with some characteristics of humans that lead to problems and crises. The solution is presented in capsules that include the thrill of superstitions, the sourness of facts and the best of virtues and spiritualties. The book summarizes many books and volumes with some poems and verses.

Taqwa Ali Mohammed Said is an Egyptian poet who has a Bachelor of Arts and Education in English from Cairo University. She obtained a diploma in Curriculum Development and took courses in Human Resource Management. She participated in several international conferences inside and outside of Egypt. She travelled to the United States of America in 2007, where she began her journey with reading about several different disciplines. Her interest amplified in reading poetry, rhetoric, history, and rearticulating real stories and legends in a poetic style which encourages reading in different cultures. She believes in the need to ‘widen the horizon’—to be open to the culture and history of other people. She also requests to ‘revive’ the dignified personalities and follow them, and identify the tyrant and weak personalities in order to avoid their paths. She seeks to spread global culture with her poetry, without forgetting her Eastern roots and identity. She emphasizes the support of human values and virtues, and raises important issues by using credible and intelligible language which is able to address the mind and conscience of any individual and interact with them. She adores nature and everything associated to it and deeply describes human emotions by portraying them in her poetry.

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