Emirati Women’s Day

Emirati Women’s Day

Emirati Women’s Day is celebrated this year on August 28th each year. It is an important day because The General Women’s Union of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was founded on this day in 1975. The day is marked all over the UAE by learning more about important women in the Emirates.

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, who is also known as the Mother of the Nation, inaugurated the first Emirati Women’s Day in 2015. Ever since then, it is always marked by celebrations and events across the region.

Let’s learn how you can celebrate Emirati Women’s Day 2022 and some great reads you can purchase to mark the occasion:

Ways to Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day

Emirati Women’s Day is something that UAE residents look forward to celebrating every year. If you are wondering how you can mark this special day then you can find a great list of activities you can participate in this year.

To look for times and locations for events happening in your city, check out your local newspapers or online listing:

  • Use your social media to mark the day by sharing famous pictures of Emirati women as your profile picture.
  • Check out hotels and restaurants for deals that give special discounts to women.
  • Local spas will be offering discounts on spa services that you can avail of.
  • Check out women’s accomplishments through the Etisalat special event, where women across the region are celebrated through an interactive virtual map.
  • Check out a digital talk series like the Flow Talk Series where famous Emirati women will be featured and discussed.
  • Sending gifts to accomplished Emirati women is a great way to celebrate the day in the region.

The theme for Emirati Women’s Day 2022

This year’s theme for Emirati Women’s Day is ‘Inspiring Reality… Sustainable Future’. This theme will be celebrated across all events and marketed in the UAE.

The theme this year is centered around how women can work towards providing a sustainable future for the generations to come. The theme is in line with the global efforts of communities around the world to work to find ways to provide a sustainable future for our children.

With so much attention on global environmental awareness and climate change, this year’s theme brings attention to efforts that we can do every day to save planet earth. Women around the world are raising awareness about climate change and the threat the planet is under due to human activities. Famous women environmentalists include Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle, Wangari Maathai, and Rachel Carson, just to name a few.

Great Reads to Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day

If you are looking for books by female authors, to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day, then we have a great list for you. If you think the UAE lacks great women writers then you will be pleased to glance at this excellent list.

Purchasing one of these books and setting aside some me time is a great way to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day. You could also mark the occasion by holding a reading event for fellow Emirati women where you could discuss books written by women authors.

You could also gift different books written by famous Emirati women authors to friends and family to show support to female authors. This is a great way to gift something nice to your friends and family and also celebrate Emirati women.

For more information, visit the Austin Macauley Publishers to learn more about how you can purchase these books.

  1. First Time
  2. You Lead Your Life
  3. The First Barrel of Fortune
  4. Ayurveda in Arabic (Indian Medicine)
  5. The World of Body Language
  6. Self-Improvement Convo
  7. Build & Work
  8. The Trials of Allura

Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day by Reading

Whether you are looking for famous female authors from the Emirates, or find ways you can celebrate Emirati Women’s Day, we are sure this guide must have provided some helpful information.

Emirati Women’s Day is the one time of the year when accomplished women authors and successful Emirati women are celebrated. With these great ways to celebrate and some excellent books by female authors, you are well on your way. Taking a break and treating yourself to some great food and a special time is another great way to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day.

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Celebrate International Women’s Day by Reading Four Empowering Books

4 Empowering Books to Read on Women’s Day

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” – Hillary Clinton


International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on the 8th of March, every year. It’s a day to commemorate the achievements of women in social, cultural and economic spheres of life. International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on women empowerment, where women can make their own life decisions and break down all the barriers to their personal and professional growth. As Michelle Obama once said: “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” It won’t be flawed to say, if given an opportunity, women can achieve anything, even if it’s conquering the world.

Best Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

  • Raise your voice in the workplace. Make sure women receive a fair share of benefits and support at work.
  • Gather your friends and arrange a movie screening. You can select a movie which encourages gender equality and promotes the advancement of women.
  • Play a role in supporting women-owned businesses. Encourage others to do the same as well.
  • On this 8th of March, read a book by female authors that raises awareness about gender disparity and fosters girl power.

Austin Macauley Publishers has always been a strong advocate of women empowerment and gender equality. Austin Macauley promotes women to come forward and publish their books, which provides them with a medium to raise their voice.

Here is a list of books from our resilient and influential female authors who have truly been a source of inspiration for many!


Nothing and Everything All at Once

Book: Nothing and Everything All at Once

Author: Sabrina Marie

Sexual assault is an extremely traumatic and disturbing moment in one’s life which nobody deserves to go through. This book is about a sexual assault survivor and her road to recovery. Moving from present to past, this book gives an inside view of the important decisions she took on the way that helped her move on. Sabrina Marie’s book heals those women who have gone through sexual assault and encourages them to find the lost courage again. To buy this book, click here.




The Trials Of Allura

Book: The Trials of Allura

Author: Dina El Shammaa

Inspired by a true story, this modern-age story revolves around the life of Allura, a middle eastern woman, living a mundane life. The transformation which changes her, from being introvert and vulnerable to being bold, resolute and full of fire, is spectacular. How many trials and tribulations did Allura had to go through? Buy this empowering book to find it out.





Khalid’s Promise

Book: Khalid’s Promise

Author: Amna Ibrahim AL-Badwawi

This book narrates the various stages in the life of Amal, an Emirati girl belonging to a conservative family. From coping with her mother’s and friend’s loss to her father’s marriage to a foreigner, she has experienced the worst of times. Khalid’s Promise takes us through Amal’s university life and her marriage to Khalid who became a rock in her life. To find out more about Amal’s journey through a cloud of despair to salvaging her happiness, buy this book here.




From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

Book: From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

Author: Grace Lagos

Kacey is a free-spirited girl who longs for freedom like her Australian friends. She likes to socialize with people, but coming from a conservative Greek family, restrictions are put on her. Her mother wants her to get married to a Greek boy as soon as possible. Kacey falls in love with an Irish boy and runs off with him. Catastrophe strikes Kacey when her husband, Jack, suffers a fatal heart attack. Will Kacey stand the test of time? Will Kacey side with her husband or will she choose her children above all? To find out, buy this book here.



On this day, let’s all strive to raise awareness about women’s equality and lobby for increased gender parity. We hope you would enjoy these empowering books from Austin Macauley Publishers’ female authors on International Women’s Day! Austin Macauley encourages female authors to publish their books and supports women empowerment.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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