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Indu Singhal

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Part I recounts policies, strategies, and winning initiatives of leading businesses in the UAE along the areas of corporate vision and direction, employee engagement, dynamics with external stakeholders, customer focus, sustainability, as well as their success stories. The author has covered six different sectors – container trade, healthcare, education, information technology, distribution, and fresh food.
Part II covers six business initiatives – vision, mission and values, leadership and strategic focus, employee empowerment and engagement, external wiring and compliance, customer focus, and creativity and innovation. Also discussed are business practices of corporates during EBM Benchmarking Club sessions and some case studies of other businesses.
Part III contains performance results, from years 2015–2018, of leadership, strategy, financial planning, sustainability, workforce management, and customer management of organizations that have participated in business excellence awards in the region. It sheds light on outcomes of the good initiatives and recommends initiatives for business improvement.

Indu Singhal heads Visual Ace Business Solutions and Emirates Business Management International Consultants in Dubai. She has been consulting businesses of various scales and complexities – government and semi-government bodies, traders, contractors, manufacturers, health providers, educational institutions, etc. Through her association with the Business Excellence Department, Government of Dubai, she developed business models such as Dubai Human Development Award Model, Dubai Quality Award – Representative Entities Model, and Health Award Model for UAE. She created the unique EBM Benchmarking Partners’ Program that has paved the way for benchmarking activities in the region and also serves as a platform for exchanging business best practices. Her association with the Government of Dubai for this Program has facilitated adding authentic data in this publication. Apart from her professional pursuits, she is a keen gardener and enjoys a retreat in the mountains.

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