Khalid’s Promise

Amna Ibrahim AL-Badwawi

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This book discloses the stages of the life of an Emirati girl named Amal; she lives in a conservative family, which has many rules and regulations that make her life full of labyrinths and difficulties. Her difficulties begin with the loss of her mother at a very young age, her father’s marriage to a foreigner and the loss of her dearest friend, Manal, whom she depended on during many difficulties in her life. Her difficulties seemed to ease out after she met Khalid and married him. This book narrates her life from her school to her university and then eventually to her marriage. It highlights the events which shape her optimistic personality that is full of hope, based on how she was raised by her parents, and the environment that she lived in. She becomes preoccupied in the world of social networking after her graduation from university because of the vacuum and boredom she experiences, but she does not drift, like other young people, into that mysterious world and its horrors. From another side, the novel visualises the Emirati house which is full of familiarity and cooperation, adhering to the customs and traditions, despite the current developments, and families diverging after the marriage of their children. Additionally, it talks about the importance of the homeland and defending it against the new challenges and risks. It displays an example about the role of the martyrs, their sacrifices, and giving their lives for the sake of the homeland.

Amna Al Badwawi was born in the village of Masfout, Ajman, in 1986. She graduated from UAE University in Al Ain with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and physics in 2005. She has been writing her thoughts, stories and novels since her childhood and has participated in school competitions. She also participated in the short story competition of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development in 2016. Amna likes to share her thoughts and opinions on her social media accounts.

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