Self-improvement Convo

Maryam Alkindi

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A Quick Guide to Self-improvement

This book will teach you how to work on and improve your personality to become the best version of yourself.

In this small world, people tend to compare themselves to others and begin to lose confidence. This is why you need to read this book. It talks about confidence in speech, hair, body, skin, face tuning, obesity, emaciation, happiness, sadness, bullying and all the other things that are related to this concept. Maryam Alkindi wrote this book to encourage readers to improve themselves in order to live a good and steady life.

Maryam Alkindi is a young Emirati author who writes about self-help, personal development, and other things that are helpful for teenagers and even adults. Throughout her life, she has experienced many things that have changed her perspectives on self-improvement, self-help, confidence, happiness, sadness, and more personal things. Confidence has played a really important role in her life; it has led her to standing up for herself and not giving up.

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