The Excellency of the Tribe

Haya Thafer Al-Thafer

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I used to think that most love novels are just a wish, a dream, a journey for every lover who chooses to fly in their sky whenever they want to enjoy it as they want. They would love to live a unique experience of weaving their imagination. What later turned out was a fate engraved on paper, hiding to destroy and shock every dreamer who did not consider the existence of the tribe. Under the cover of this book are real personalities who lived this bitter reality, and perhaps my dear reader of the novel. Some of you will feel that this story is narrated in front of you in one way or another, but what is agreed upon is one inevitable end; that of failure and disappointments for beliefs and customs that are not of our Islamic religion. Lama chose to break this barrier to live her legal right to choose her life partner without the interference of anyone. Words exploded for the first time from her father without feeling. The tribe was possessing his mind at a moment when he did not realize this except when his daughter grew up and chose a path that does not fit his law. What will happen? Who will be the victor?

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