Transformative Wellness

Razan Ali

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Five therapies, a medley of energy healing, and nervous system and body work, which have proven highly effective over the period of four years, in treating emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, along with energy, and childhood disassociations.

Body work is the author’s self-crafted somatic yoga flow. Yoga poses that target the nervous system, and psoas muscle, releasing deep rooted anger, anxiety, and depression, while promoting flexibility, and helping regulate your nervous system back to a sociable state away from stressful fight, or flight.

Ayahuasca, a Brazilian Amazon vine and bark, is used to relieve panic attacks, and depression episodes, releasing your unprocessed cathartic feelings. Trauma releasing exercises by David Berceli are used alongside yoga, to activate an innate shaking reflex, which helps regulate your nervous system back to a relaxed state, releasing hip tightness, and achieving yoga splits in a mere six months.

Energy work is a medley of shamanic soul retrievals by Sara Haworth, a London based practitioner trained by Sandra Ingerman, and Tal Shai’s Copyrighted Soul Movement Method, a mixture of Jungian, Integral, and Gestalt Psychology. Similar to Shamanic soul retrievals, soul movements help pinpoint energetic, childhood, ancestral blockages, and fears in an attempt to heal them. Bringing back lost soul fragments, and disassociated energy due to childhood sexual, and physical abuse. Energy healing regulates your nervous system, and fragmented auric field back to a state of wholeness, peace, renewed self-worth, and protection.

Author’s Background: Published food and wellness writer. Pescatarian recipe developer. Adult and teenage yoga teacher. Certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner and certified trauma-releasing exercises practitioner. I have written for Bahrain this Month and the Gulf Daily News, and I am now marrying my years of experience in pescatarian recipe writing, yoga teaching, and somatic shaking into one transformational wellness book.


September 2015
Masters of Science in Middle East Politics – Merit School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
London, United Kingdom

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