The Order Of Truth And Love

Dr. Haneesh Khani

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“This book was born from the heart and the desire of only ONE, to share with others, their realization and the feeling of fullness in the heart.

I recall the words of Jesus Christ:

‘A lighted lamp is not placed under a vessel; on the contrary, it is placed on a stand so that it shines to everyone in the house.’ (The Gospel of Matthew 5:15)”

Mikhail Zheltikov, Russia.

“Reading this book, I can see myself. I can see myself from the inside out. Every sentence, every word. It resonates. It resonates with me now, with me in the past or may be my future self. Thank you. Thank you for supporting me in my journey through meaningful words.”

Stephanie Siahaija, The Netherlands.

“This book is the light when everything around you is dark and as quoted in this book where Rumi says, ‘If everything around seems dark, look again, you may be the light.’ I hope this book reaches you when you need to find that light the most. It’s really easy to read, short, crisp and heart touching.”

– Anjali Singh, India.

Dr. Haneesh Khani is a medical doctor by profession, a writer and a traveler by passion, working as the medical director of a firm in Kuwait. This is his second book, previously he has authored My Letters to The Butterfly.

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