Reality is a Miracle of the Ether

Mariam Abdullateef Alrujaib

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Self-development is achieved by discovering the inner world, and the extent of its ability to heal the body, revitalize activity and vitality, and maintain healthy, natural youth, through belief in the thing that is intended to happen, and by changing the self-programming that was raised on it, in addition to spiritual nutrition, healthy movement, healthy food and others. In addition to how to discover the message and the importance of visualization and imagination in achieving the wishes and goals.

Mariam Abdullateef Alrujaib holds a doctorate in energy sciences, treatment and teaching. She has a passion for self-development, and a passion for researching everything related to this field, in addition to a passion for reading and writing.

She worked as a producer and presenter of programs in self-development skills.

She has 3 printed and unpublished editions: Happy Hours, Awakening Thoughts, and the Journey Back.

She graduated in the education ladder in the teaching of the Arabic language, and she graduated in the education and teaching profession, and her last job was as an assistant director at the secondary level.

Maryam has membership experiences such as: a member of the Women's Cultural Association, and now a member and head of the Public, Social and Cultural Relations Committee in the Constitutional Unity Bloc "Code", and has contributed to several conferences held by the bloc.

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