Words May Be Yours

Ahmed Abdul Aziz Almaghlouth

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This is my first book, in which I put some of my thoughts as light blogs that collected the feelings and emotions I experienced during the journey of life.

A dreamy life experience that summed up more than a decade of time and place. And events that took place in different places and countries between the fall of 2007 and the beginning of the summer of 2020.

And because life, after all, is a journey of struggle, patience, challenge, pain, and then hope… And so was the book.

Creative and ambitious person.
Believing that the journey of life deserves challenges and adventure. He loves to explore and learn about the cultures of the world around him through travel.
One of his qualities is altruism and feeling for others.
Challenges himself in many situations to reach goals. Has a different and artistic vision for things.
He sanctifies the small details, and appreciates diligent people.
He does not skimp on giving time and information for the sake of interest.
He has a huge esteem for the past generations, and considers them as sources of history, science, culture and art.

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