The Sitting Euphoria

Harif Said

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The art of the storytelling is the art of collecting benefits. Through this collection of stories, and through personalities from Arab societies, the writer was able to describe for us an aspect of public awareness. The book is written in different points of view, aiming to raise awareness among the Arabs with great optimism. “The Sitting Euphoria” is a collection of short stories divided into three chapters: Chapter 1: It contains ten stories, each of which is narrated by a hero, in the form of recounting or remembering specific events. Chapter II: Chapter II also consists of ten stories, narrating the same stories from different but interesting points of view. Final Chapter: A single, focused and comprehensive story for many of the heroes of the previous stories. This story is of a special kind, evoking a special excitement and focus, the kind of excitement that we’d leave to the imaginations of the readers. He sat to write with his pen, read to him with our eyes, and ran with him with our imagination, in the space of his stars formations of Arab consciousness.

Harif Said is humble in character, a lover of knowledge with interests in diverse subjects, ranging from physics and mathematics, to poetry, prose and history. Simple in his presentation and profound in his understanding of the human psyche and its impulses, through this book, he attempts to lead the human soul to a more meaningful life. He came from the Far Maghreb to take us on a voyage through the Arab world without a visa through his stories included in this book.

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