The Lonely Amman’s River

Shahd Ismail Hussein

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The river called ‘Mia Amman’ originates from a pond at the southern edge of the town and is held in a valley bordered on its both sides with arid rocky hills.

The banks of the river, as well as its course, are all paved, but the winter floods washed away the paved in most places, the creek is now filled with small fish, ‘Voyager Burckhardt’.

In the tales untold and long forgotten, with the story-tellers lost and no more narrators to be found, those stories that may have centered around one person went unnoticed too.

A hidden beauty needs a reader with a sweet heart and an alert human spirit. Here you find stories and pain that seem simple down to the agony caused by the questions of the first existence.

The stories do not provide ready answers and closed ends, but stimulate the soul to create endings, link events and drop characters to their reality.

A young Jordanian translator and researcher, BA in Translation from Yarmouk University in 2018. She has several translations published electronically in the fields of literature, feminism and humanities. She has won several local awards for her short stories and is now working on the field of national heritage translation and research.

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