Don’t Tease Us

Adam Hanem

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In this book, there are 41 stories happening between the two leading cities in KSA: Jeddah, the bride of the Red Sea, and Riyadh, the capital. The author is a traveler between them, catching stories here and there. These stories are from our real lives, which the author tells in a spontaneous and sarcastic way. He captures the moment and records it in order to draw a smile on the face of the reader, who will live with him in that moment and its details.

Adam Hanem A name with a story and a conflicted personality, and it reflects: Tribal origin, urban descent, and a western culture… A body with the mind of a man and the heart of a woman… A mind that matured before its time, so it continued to tire the body that carried it… A heart in which mercy tops all senses… A soul that was attached to its God, begging for His mercy… The personality, because of the contradiction happening inside and outside of it, was still confused… Adam Hanem A name with a story, which I will tell you one day…

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