Return to Death

Sami Mohammed Hussain

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The book sails in a series of short stories inspired by reality, dealing with real events that took place in different parts of the world and underwent drama and storytelling, as well as the expansion and excitement of the events, adding the writer’s touch to turning it into a literary work for different ages and segments.

The stories tell a series of events of characters who have been subjected to unexpected situations and coincidences, changing their lives, and are tragic in nature. They move the reader from one world to another, with ends that may not satisfy them, but as a result, they mirror the reality in which we live.

The places and names of the characters in the book are imaginary, and the stories were framed in a breathtaking drama that gives the reader an opportunity to delve into his imagination within contradictory worlds, searching for their real beings that they have lost between the two folds of time where they were cherished and valued before.

I hope to enrich the reader’s experience by entering into their solitude to extend their understanding of literature. This simple attempt, which we are still groping through in the beginning of the road, seeking to join the ranks of our predecessors of the greatest authors and creators.

The author is a Palestinian writer and journalist from Safed; born in Damascus on 20 May 1976; graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, University of Damascus; has experience in the field of journalism and media since 2006; journalist and experienced translator for a number of news sites in the United Arab Emirates since 2011.
He has also experimented in short story writing, poetic reflections and journalistic articles.

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