Factory Reset

Ehsan Adnan Al Oboosi

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There is a big difference between materialism and spirituality. Some of us prefer one over the other, but where is the truth and greatness in any of them! If you ask someone for a service and he provides it to you and he earns a price for this service, this is his reward, and you may thank him in return for making things easier for you, but you do not owe him anything, and here the meaning and significance was material. On the other hand, there are those who provide services for free, or help you without anything, and this is spirituality.

Many people can offer you what you did not expect, and it is sufficient to say (thank you), or to pray for him… This is very great, and he is very satisfied with this reward; The soul is free from bad, and it is from God. In contrast to the material body, which money and greed take him to materialistic people like him who differ among themselves, even on the simplest of things. Life is greater… Love is a cure, and giving is a cure.

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