Mohammed Suleiman Rudwan

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While you move between these different streams of life, a dream may urge you forward and quench your thirst, it could be while you’re asleep, or while you’re awake, and it could be very soon, as it happened with a friend of mine. That’s when you will bend your knees in surrender over and over, and you will rise taller and taller until you reach God Almighty’s highest heavens, and you will be afflicted with hunger for cheerfulness and joy. You will cry and laugh, fly and fall, and you will die, and you will live.

She is the waves of life throwing me right and left, like the dream of that friend of mine, until I met her, and the dream developed a different dimension and a unique color.

While she was the wiser party, wiser than necessary, I went crazy over her even more, this is what I used to tell her, and she would answer me: Rather you should get rid of your barbarism and depravity.

All this happened before the same deceptive waves took turns on me, and then threw me in several darknesses, and with that darkness my thoughts, my mind and all of me was talking to my beloved friend, my brother, who’s absent yet present.

Mohammed Suleiman Rudwan is a reader and amateur writer. Swings is his first published work of fiction. He graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Sudan University of Science and Technology in Khartoum, then pursued a master's degree at the same university. He worked as a faculty member at Bahri University and in a number of other companies as a software developer and business analyst. He is the founding partner of ClickTech Information Technology and works as an analyst and business developer.

He is also a member of the Narrative and Criticism Forum in Khartoum until 2020. He worked for a short period in the daily Masader political newspaper as a journalist under training. He has a number of topics, investigations and media coverage for various forums in the same newspaper. He also has a number of reflections and stories published in the Sudanese newspapers Hikayat and Al Jarida.

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