Real Illusions

Amin Alsati

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My job as a civil engineer for more than 40 years, which I had spent roaming between different places of the world, might have obliged me to establish various relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds and social status. Such an experience urged me to escape from this dull reality and embark on a trip that makes me fly in the vast universe that surrounds us. Hence comes my new-born short story, which has always cajoled me and took me aback while reading it. It is my window through which I can reach out to my potential readers where they could share with me glances of the illusions that life has drawn for us.

The author was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1941. He studied in the USA and graduated from Oklahoma University in 1965. He worked as a civil engineer in Detroit, Michigan, for two years. He later went back to Syria, where he was hired to work in the Ministry of General Public Relations. He was awarded a scholarship to study in the Netherlands in 1971. A year later, he returned to his old job at the ministry. In 1983, he travelled to Saudi Arabia, where he worked in Rachid as an engineering consultant and continued working there. In 2016, he retired from work and moved to Dubai, UAE.

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