Succeeding In Uncertain Times

Ghada Dridi

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Living in a world where speed, mobility and movement have become the norm gives rise to uncertainty, diversity, and interconnectivity. Being endowed with a global and flexible mindset allows you to take charge of a sustainable and successful career. The more agile you are, the better you will create and seize opportunities, keep moving, be ready to face instability, and have an entrepreneurial mindset regarding your career plan. No matter your background, your experience, or your curriculum, your perception will help you steer your career smoothly and ride waves of change without losing sight of your vision.

Succeeding in Uncertain Times will teach you how to:

  • – Have a global mindset either in learning or at work;
  • – Steer your career;
  • – Be more flexible and open-minded;
  • – Visualize opportunities.

Ghada Dridi is a Tunisian woman and mother. She is an academic deeply interested in global learning and the idea of multiple harmonious belongings. She believes in interconnectivity. Being an officer’s daughter, she was influenced by the nature of her father’s job.

Ghada experienced instability, developed a sense of flexibility, adaptability, and acceptance from an early age, and realized how enriching ‘difference’ is. She also holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Tunis El-Manar and is a certified professional coach.

Interestingly, she has taught for nine years at Tunisian universities, and she’s the author of scientific articles in the field of her specialization. Also, she was a reading committee member on behalf of the international conferences.

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