That’s Not What The Books Say!

Mouza Al Kaabi

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When I was expecting my first child, I read everything I could get my hands on about pregnancy and childbirth. My loved ones gave me volumes of advice as well, which often ran counter to what the books said and what I had come to believe from a lifetime of living in the UAE. Instead of making me feel empowered and capable, the advice left me feeling ashamed, confused, scared, incapable, and really, really down. I found myself constantly responding to people’s recommendations by saying (and sometimes yelling) “THAT’S NOT WHAT THE BOOKS SAY!” Hence, the title of the book.

This book is meant to give insight on how you should use your own intelligence to apply the advice that works for your own lifestyle and say, “No thanks!” to the well-intentioned advice that doesn’t, whether it comes from books, strangers, or loved ones. Because when it comes to parenting, love and happiness flow most freely when you follow your heart.

Mouza Al Kaabi is an Emirati working mother of three. After graduating from the American University of Sharjah in 2013, she kick-started her career as a marketer, and soon after, established a small retail business through which she supports talented mothers who create beautifully handmade children’s clothing and toys. The goal of her business is to support mothers in order for them to be able to support their families. Mouza Al Kaabi grew up appreciating and embracing culture and diversity, which is perceptible through her writing.

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