How to Be OT Cybersecurity Professional

Nebras Alqurashi

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It’s a bitter truth that we live in an age of vulnerable systems, where our existence is completely dependent on them. Cyber attacks can cause greater damage than actual war losses for a country that is unprepared for them. After several incidents that impacted social order, governments have realized this fact.

During a cyber attack, the city will be paralyzed, food supply will be interrupted, and medical care will be disrupted. There would be human casualties and the worst of the people would emerge if fuel or electricity were unavailable.

The age of cyber missiles has arrived, and as Dale Peterson pointed out, our infrastructure systems are insecure by design. We need to learn how to secure all operational technology, it’s crucial, and it can only be done by understanding the bits and bytes of these operations. In this book, you’ll learn Cybersecurity for Operational Technology, how to secure all types of Operational Technology, and how to save lives!

Nebras Alqurashi is an OT Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert and Senior Cybersecurity Engineer with eighteen years of experience working with leading OT Cybersecurity vendors worldwide, with expertise in IT/IoT/OT Cybersecurity.

He is an author of OT cybersecurity training courses (OT Cybersecurity Fundamentals and OT Cybersecurity Professional), as well as a trainer and certified instructor for several vendor-specific cybersecurity certifications.

Extensive field experience providing cybersecurity solutions for OT around the world.

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