You Were Not Created in Vain

Umm Shehab Almaskary

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This book is a summary of my experiences in life. There is a period in my life that I went through with experiences, difficulties and challenges that exceed my age at that time. I hold on to God and successfully overcame these ordeals, and today my Lord rewards me with the fulfillment of my dream; It is to write a book that touches the hearts, and this book is about my blogs, which include 50 blogs, which I wrote with love, passion and ceaselessly. The texts are based on the reality of our daily lives, through which I conveyed the idea of not despair and surrender. At the end of each group of blogs, I had a flash of happiness that stopped me to spread happiness to your hearts. The ideas of my blogs I derive from everything that is around me, everything that God Almighty created in our small planet was for me as the title of one of my blogs, then I unleashed myself by describing that view in an excessively positive way, that makes us believe in our strength and ability to challenge ourselves, overcome our weaknesses, and reveal the sources of creativity within us. Each blog represented my wild desire to prove my own strength and ability to achieve, and I loved to work on communicating those feelings and my strength to everyone through these blogs. You were not created in vain, Gold created you for a good reason, and you have to discover yourself and find an answer to your question: Why God created you? And when you discover yourself and your talents and strive to achieve your ambitions, you will know for sure that “you were not created in vain.” And me as a writer, I will help you with that through my blogs in this book. You will find yourself reading it eagerly and non-stop, reaching the last page of it and asking for more; Because, God willing, you will turn to refining your talents and achieving them after discovering those talents buried inside you and showing them. I am sure that these 50 blogs will take you to the light.

The writer is a positive person who sees life with an optimistic view, and she has her own goal for all the good she offers and does. She knows for sure that we were created to populate the earth in deed and in words, and in her life, she has gone through the worst obstacles and the most difficult circumstances, but she defied them by the grace of God first, then by her inner strength. And since she is from the Emirates, a country that does not know the impossible, she has not found impossible for all her dreams.

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