New Birth

Sonia Hassoun

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This book shows the path to achieve the true happiness; Where the beginning of the path is with a person contemplating his existence after he was lost and confused, then his awareness of himself, and the beginning of knowing himself with what we call awakening or enlightenment that makes him see everything in his inner world, that is, awakening the self and developing a personal plan for self-salvation, by starting to change himself, and beginning his journey. Spiritual, and identifying his negatives and positives so that he can see any external event, and monitor the impact of this event on his inner world by analyzing all the aspects and doors that lead him to solutions that comfort him, that is, scrutinizing every moment, living it in its details, and knowing its impact on the soul, and the message behind it,
Observing the obstacles that stand in his way on his way, and benefiting from them as experiences, then supporting himself with external things that make him continue on this journey, such as faith and meditation, then following the path to reaching inner peace and true happiness.

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