My Thoughts Have Snowed for You

Hakim Charef

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Adam enters a world full of violent inner struggles that force him to deviate from his positions, and make decisions that pull him away from his life dream, so he enters into events that make him confused and confounded with the people who are dearest to him. After that he meets people and through their stories, he lives a great life, in which the sweetness of memories and the pain of longing meet with a tone of yearning and hopes, despite the bruising of grief and pain. The story is full of emotions and constructive internal struggles, which makes the reader move along the imaginations of Adam and of those around him, so he sails in their worlds and crosses bridges that intertwine, in which human relations and places converge with multiple time periods.

The author was born in 1982, in Ghazaouet city in Tlemcen Province, the far northwest of Algeria. He grew up in a beautiful countryside, Sidi Ibrahim; one of the beautiful villages in the country. Received a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Foreign Languages in 2001. Graduated from the College of Archeology from Tlemcen University, Algeria. The most important profession he had worked in was as an Arabic teacher in France.

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