Loss in the Time of Devotion

Ameera Al Shirawi

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The problems of marital life are numerous, and they vary in intensity, and the harshest one of them all is the silent separation between the spouses without divorce, the effects of which become unbearable for the children in the first place, and this is what Seren and her older sister experienced in the events of this novel after her Turkish father separated from her Emirati mother since she was a fetus in her mother’s womb, trying to cope with life and ignoring the feeling of being deprived of a father to turn to in the battlefield of life.

So what caused the feeling of guilt inside Seren to make her existence a bitter one, seeing as she was the reason for her parents’ separation before her eyes even saw the light of life? And how did she risk trying to delve into deeper details that escalated her pain and transformed her cheerful personality into a sad one while she struggles with the harsh feelings of rage and anger?

Ameera Al Shirawi, an Emirati writer, who loves reading and writing in various fictional and literary fields, carries dreams in her imagination that she loves to live in moments of calm and mental clarity, so she portrays them in her writings to create a link between her and the readers.

A wife and mother of four children, she lives a stable and dignified life on the land of H.H. Sheikh Zayed and on the land of the big-hearted Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi.

The early life difficulties were the cause of her determination to embark on the path of struggle and to continue to build her social, ambitious personality. Those days marked the beginning of documenting her in-depth writings in the world of fiction and the novel.

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