The Joy Series

Soumaya Fadli

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This book is a collection of twelve diverse and interesting stories, mixing reality and fiction. It tells about the adventures and experiences of powerful personalities committed to reaching an honorable goal. This collection of stories is more aimed at children, aiming to prepare them for the challenges that they may face in their lives. It teaches them that adhering to the pillars of morality and social principles is a way of salvation. Despite risks and sacrifices, this path will surely lead them to a safe haven. The book also depicts noble values as a candle that illuminates the path of truth for those who have overcome it in their wanderings—amid life that has become a war with hidden features, whose danger is only perceived by those who have tasted the wounds of its spears.

Soumaya Fadli was born on the 2nd of June 1991 in Tamanrasset, southern Algeria. She studied primary, secondary and intermediate education in Tamanrasset. For higher studies, she moved to the capital, Algiers, from where she received her pharmaceutical engineering degree from the University of Science and Technology (Houari Boumediene). She is passionate about genetics on the scientific level, and considers writing and poetry as her favourite hobbies.

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