Jeddah… By Peter Pinar

Pieter A. Pienaar

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Every time I walk around the old town, I can’t stop talking pictures, because there is something so amazing in the air. You feel as if you are part of an ancient world, where life was simple and people matter. Somehow Life seems to be “on-hold” in this place, so it looks like it came out of a history book, making people feel happy and inspired.

Jeddah gave me so many opportunities to hone my skills, such us: watercolor painting, drawing portrait for people in public places. I am sure you will enjoy reading this book and the artwork will catch your eyes as well. My deepest appreciation and respect to Jeddah and its people.

Peter Pinar is an art teacher who came from South Africa to start his teaching career in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2012. Peter fell in love with his new surroundings, and wanted to document his impressions visually. During a period of four years, he was able to draw more than two hundred view of the old city and the desert, on canvas and paper. Peter Pinar participated in four art exhibitions during that period. Also, this book is in the coffee table books category, that deals with arts, which is a gesture and tribute from him to Jeddah and its good people.

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