The Historical Gates of Dubai and its Decorations

Saeed Abdullah Al Wail

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The craft of making doors and wooden parts and their decorations in traditional architecture in Dubai – as a form of material heritage – took a special importance and a prominent and vital role in adapting buildings to the external atmosphere. The people of Dubai were able to adapt this craft with creativity and an admirable thought. It is an ancient art that performs basic functions in adapting the building to the external conditions and atmosphere, meets the needs of the residents to a reasonable extent, and carries with it aesthetic artistic contents and foundations that stem from the sincerity of expression and the fruitful human interaction with his land and environment with all the data.

This book comes to shed light on the doors, parts and wooden pieces in the traditional architecture in Dubai as a creative achievement and a great civilizational heritage that was achieved on this land, and generations of craftsmen worked on developing it, who took it upon themselves to advance this craft in accordance with the various environmental, social and religious conditions, and this segment of it is the craftsmen that the writer relied on in building this study, as he took from them through documented meetings the history of the carpentry craft and its origins, the types of wood used in carpentry, their advantages and sources, and the traditional methods that were used in the work of doors and windows of all kinds.

Saeed Abdullah Al Wail

Born in Al-Ahsa in 1966.

PhD researcher in interior architecture.

Full-time researcher for study, research and plastic art. Researcher in Islamic arts, decorations and inscriptions.

Participated in many exhibitions, conferences, local and international plastic events in drawing and photography.

He has a set of studies, research and published articles that are concerned with the aesthetic and historical aspects of folklore in the Arabian Gulf.

During the last ten years, the researcher completed a project to preserve and document the traditional carpentry craft in the Arabian Gulf, and the related industry of doors and traditional wood carvings in all Gulf regions.

He has a collection of books related to historical architecture and traditional inscriptions in the Arabian Gulf...

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