Little Story of Music

Nijole Kavaliauskaite - Hunter

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Do you know who notes are and where do they live? What is the place on Earth that is enjoyable for them? Do they have names and personalities? Do they have homes?

All these answers you will find within this book. You will discover new creatures and be fascinated to find out how friendly they are. If you haven’t become friends yet, you will at some point in the future. Let’s get to know them!

Lithuanian born and a music educator, she dedicated her life to teaching children
the language of music. To learn the literacy of music in an easier way, I have created
a lot of stories to help children to see and find relationships between the music
symbol and a child’s surroundings. Their inborn natural creativity and inquisition
make them keen to learn new things and that was a main stimulus for me to
address this book for them. I hope this book helps children to learn music in a fun
and meaningful way!

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