How To Be a Screenwriter in Brief

Ayman Bin Mohammed Al Dandan

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  • – The book deals with how to write the script in a simple and smooth manner, starting with the idea and developing it all the way to the final layout of the script.
  • – A simplified explanation of each point in the scenario, and what are the global ways to write it.
  • – How to create characters in a scenario and how to develop them.
  • – It raised many questions that would motivate the scriptwriter to know the weaknesses and strengths of the scenario and how to develop them.
  • – Answering questions about scenario protection at the relevant authorities.
  • – How to market a script, and marketing to a script writer.

Ayman Bin Mohammed Al Dandan, born in Al-Ahsa Governorate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1981.

Member of the Saudi Association of Producers.

Member of the Cinema Club of the Culture and Arts Association in Al-Ahsa.

Short and long film writer.

Lover of life and curious about knowledge.

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