Earth Child

Alia Al-ghafri

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What do you think when you see clouds in the sky, do you like rain? Where do you hide when it’s heavily raining?

Do you like to walk barefoot on smooth soil? Are you afraid of the dark? What is under the earth’s surface?

Perhaps for us, it was not important to find clear answers to these random questions. And we didn’t like everything in this loud world in which we live, but everything that lies on the surface of the earth from the smallest green grass to behind the crowded clouds, forms wild dreams that are difficult to achieve for “Sonako” who dreams of seeing the blue sky, and to walk one day on a wet green ground. To feel the softness of those running winds one day, even for a fleeting moment.

I try to be as honest as I can about myself, I asked my family and friends what they think of me and what their expectations are. And there were so many positive words I heard for the first time; because I've never asked them such a question before. But I could not receive answers regarding my ambition as a writer and my first attempts at writing; because I did not share it with them, I was too shy about it and had no courage to do so. For my first work Earth Child, I decided to send the work to Austin Macauley Publishers myself, and I was very skeptical about it, would they accept it or not? Is it worth reading or not? By the grace of God, after accepting this book, I hope that those close to me will get to know this aspect of me more, and that I will fulfill their great aspirations about it.


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