From Ashes to Flames

Dr. Ahmed Al Sinani

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Our adventure takes us across the various spooky, adventurous and beguiling worlds that are traversed by Ranthor and his friends in their search for the elusive Nebula Jewels. Ranthor is often perplexed by the choices that he has to make during his adventures. Across his journey he comes across many friends, foes, and a host of miscellaneous and mischievous other characters. It is through this cathartic adventure of self-discovery that he masters his feelings and the ghosts of his past.

Dr. Ahmed Al Sinani is a medical doctor with an avid interest in science fiction that started from a young age of 7. He has shown his passion with his book, From Ashes to Flames, and his ultimate dream is to transform this into a mega franchise of bestseller science fiction series.

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