Foreseeing the Future is the UAE’s Basis for Readiness and Proactivity

Bassem Addnan Al Otaiby

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The future will not reveal its secrets to you; the future belongs to those who prepare for it, decipher its codes, and analyze its signals in order to reach the key to making events and achieving the desired change.

How do we forecast the future to know where it is leading us? What do we expect? How do we prepare for the risks and opportunities it presents?

This book explains to the reader the concept of forecasting the future, and takes him on an informational journey during which it presents, in scientific ways, future readings, methodologies and mechanisms for foreseeing the future in a sound scientific way, innovation and creativity in light of the fourth industrial revolution, in addition to the initiatives and programs adopted by countries in their approaches towards forecasting the future, and the most prominent experiments, the features of leadership in jobs and management, and the future of vital sectors.

The book also presents the features and components of the UAE’s national strategy for shaping the future, its objectives in developing vital economic sectors, and preparing to face future challenges.

Bassem Addnan Al Otaiby is the founder and CEO of the Corporate Intelligence Consultancy Service, and an expert in institutional development and entrepreneurial empowerment. He gained international skills and experience in the areas of institutional design, institutional structuring and leadership of change programs, establishing and building systems, strategic management, lean administrative systems and fourth generation solutions and applications. He is also the founder of the "Organizational Intelligence" business model and a professional trainer for more than 20 professional programs for leaders, managers and executives.

Practitioner in the field of business strategies and development, with extensive experience covering the areas of improving and streamlining the processes of strategy, development, implementation, and formulating strategic changes, in addition to a range of considerable experiences in identifying business needs, envisioning solutions, and prioritizing strategic initiatives to achieve specific goals based on a deep understanding of the various aspects of the world of business.

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