Bin Arraf

Salma Ali Alghafli

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You live on the ground, so days will go by you for a long time in your view (only an illusion). Everything in the road calls you and sends you signals that point you in the walking direction and the right way. You find signs on every road pointing you where you want to go, and signs to cross, stop, slow down or change direction. Alia followed the example of my path and your path, and many signs stopped her. She even began to identify them and harmonize with them, and perhaps harmonize and understand the meanings of the signs of life in order to answer many questions that were hidden. Then she left with the range spreading in front of her eyes on her trip to the Badia. If you, dear reader, are excited by the signs of life, learning through the stories, penetrating the worlds, and have the curiosity to know them and to succeed in deciphering the mystery of life, then I promise you that you will enjoy with us the flow between the lines of Alia’s journey to the Badia, stay with it!

Salma Ali Alghafli is an administrative educational researcher. She holds postgraduate and master’s degrees in strategic planning, administrative organization and human development from Britain. She also holds a master in scouting letter science (the science of letters and numbers), international training in speed reading and mind mapping – Tony Buzan Wells, studies in self-development – dynamics of neural adaptation and NLP. She is a lecturer and trainer in strategic planning and also the recipient of excellence in administrative work awards.

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