Faded Gardenia

Hana Reed

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A period of time passed by humanity, when it did not suffer from anything but time and the frequency of sorrows; in which wars erupt and lives were lost.

This book tells the story of a woman, named Eleanor Macmillan, from the twentieth century, who lived a quiet life on Prince Edward Island, in the Canadian Kingdom, in the care of her brother and his family. She suffered from desolation, despite the fact that she was surrounded by supportive people.

In 1916, she responded to an advertisement on the front page of a newspaper, calling to support England, when she launched a war on the German Empire, to support occupied France, in a war called the “Great World War”.

Witnessing massive destruction in Europe, Macmillan provided a helping hand to those who needed it, by joining the Canadian Army Medical Corps battalion, as a professional nurse, performing her duties in France, with a humanitarian and selfless spirit.

Hana Reed, a novelist with a vivid imagination. She loves nature, arts, and history. She discovered her talent at a young age. She told stories, and fell in love with paper and pen. She wrote her first stories on paper, alongside schoolwork at the age of thirteen. Her modest audience of relatives bolstered her ambition, and decided to have her stories published.

She tends to write dark drama, and is good at narrating adventure and suspense.

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