Freedom of Choice

Amena AlBasher

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Have you ever wondered what your tongue is saying and why you are saying and doing what you don’t want? Have you ever prepared for life but the days have taken to a completely different destination, making you wait for what you want and exposing everything that you do not want? Have you ever wondered why, how, when, and where, why them and not me? On one night, specifically in 2016, I came home to find my mom diseased and full of fear, as if she had died. I will never forget that look in her eyes and the fear in her voice when she asked me, “Do you interfere with political matters?” I swore on the Koran that I never do that. Then, I knew that there was an official report against me from one of my co-workers, who aspired to be the best and wanted to remove from her path all that threatened her. At that moment, the transformation of my life was evident and my prayers were answered… For seven years at that job, I promised myself every day that I will move, and I fed it with dreams and a life unlike the one I live in. But I did nothing but procrastination and praying, and a lot of crying, and God wanted to wake me up; and so that was the awakening which gave me the freedom of choice. Here, dear reader, it’s real life.

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