An Endeavor Like Tuwaiq Mountain

Marwa Mohammed Alsaad

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And because our determination is like Tuwaiq mountain, our vision is brighter than the sun, and our goals embrace the sky; We must write it down, and strive to achieve it with all professionalism and poise.

This notebook will help you, God willing, to have a year full of achievement and self-realization; Through personal annual, monthly and daily planning of your goals, in addition to increasing your awareness of your current life cycle and its balance.

I wish you a great year, great man.

Marwa Mohammed Alsaad, a certified trainer from the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of self-development and health field. Interested in positive psychology and the science of achievement. A lover of the world of rhetoric, she obtained several awards in the field of rhetoric in the English language.

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