A Study in Myself


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A Study in Myself is a book that represents the pure feelings in the human self with all its continuous changes.

This book is divided into three chapters, and each chapter expresses an era of changing feelings in love according to the stage in which you’re living in at the moment.

The first chapter expresses love in the stage of passion and falling in love.

The second chapter expresses conflicting love and mixed feelings between positive and negative.

The third and final chapter talks about feelings of mature love and the stage of finding peace in love.

This book is essentially an accumulation of pure, natural feelings that represent ourselves in different stages every day. It is for the people who find love something incomprehensible, so that this book may help them understand themselves and their emotions.

Fatimaat is a UAE national and a mechanical engineer with a professional degree in Project Management (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering) from the United Arab Emirates University.

She finds in writing a means of self-expression, and an effective way to deliver a message to society and develop it.
This work is her first as a writing aimed for publication.
She began writing at the age of fifteen, collecting stories and articles over the years, and is currently working on organizing them into a book, to be thoughts from history because it contains stories from years ago. She began writing her first novel, and is still in the process of writing it.
She has the ability to analyze books, to develop messages sent through writing to suit generations, and to create valuable content through writing.

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