6 Books to Keep You Up During the Chilly Nights

It is that time of the year again, when the temperature drops and the nights become longer, and it is the perfect time to delve into one of your favourite horror novels. Scary books are the perfect addition to a hot cup of cocoa and a cosy blanket on a long lazy afternoon.

We have the perfect guide to the best horror novels to keep you up during chilly nights. Knowing which books to buy just in time for fall will give you more time to enjoy reading. With the busy holiday season coming up, it is always a good idea to use this downtime to catch up on some fun reading. Keep these horror book recommendations handy the next time you go book shopping:

Getting into a Spooky Vibe

Getting into a spooky vibe is always a good idea before getting out to buy some scary books. A great way to do this is by visiting your local market to find some little additions that can add some spooky flavour to your surroundings.

Here is a great list of items you can find easily at any local retail outlet:

  • Large and small pumpkins are a great way to add some frightening aesthetic to your home.
  • Pre-made cobwebs are also a nice addition to the corners and doorways of your home. Add a few fake spiders to make it even spookier.
  • Lightening is a quick and easy way to change the look of any room or space. Try some nice neon and flickering light additions to the outside and entrance of your home to give that eerie effect.
  • Recorded noises that can be played on command will be sure to get a scream from a few guests!
  • Create some horrifying footprints by dipping your hands in red food colour and printing on tiles, windows and floors.
  • Create some scary mummy candles by wrapping glass jars with white bandages and placing led candles inside. Take a black marker and put yes and a mouth on your candles to make them more terrifying.
  • Create a horror reads corner where visitors can pick up a book or two to read.

Spooky Activities to Celebrate the Season

After creating the aura and environment, why not get into the mood by participating in fun activities with friends and family? We have come up with some great book-related horror activities that you can do in a group or just with your kids.

All you need are some basic craft supplies like scissors, coloured paper, glue sticks, wobbly eyes and glitter.

  • Scary bookmarks – Kids love making bookmarks, and for this season why not try some ghoulish characters? All you need are basic supplies and a little imagination.
  • Book character finger puppets – Why not make some spooky finger puppet characters from your favourite scary book?
  • Make scary horror book A great way for you and your kids to get into the reading spirit is to re-create their favourite chilling book cover.
  • Why not re-create the ending of your favourite horror novel? This is a great creative activity that requires your kids to use their imagination.
  • Carve your favourite book character into a pumpkin. Not only fun but a great way to add some terrifying décor to your home.
  • Create horror book flash cards. You can do this by creating flashcards with book names on one side and horror authors’ names on the other. You can flash the book title and have your friends guess the book’s author.
  • Play charades where your friends or kids can guess the title of your favourite horror book as you act it out.

Host horror book club meetings with your friends. This is a great way to encourage your social circle to read and share your thoughts on a book you can all read together.

Horror Books That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Here are six horror novels that are the perfect reads for those long cool nights. You can purchase them by following the links below. So waste no more time and get these before they are gone. Buy a few extra for friends and family, and you can create some great fall gifts.

  1. Jump Scare
  2. King of Darkness
  3. Is it a Ghost?
  4. Heptagram
  5. Count Dracula’s Society
  6. Septagram 2 – Al Arif

6 Horror Books to Keep You Frightened This Fall

With this guide, you are well on your way to purchasing some chilling horror books to curl up with. Grabbing a good book or two from this list to read this fall will put you in a spine-tingling mood.

With so many interesting new horror books on the market, it may seem difficult to choose. Knowing what kind of horror books you like to read will make it easier for you to shortlist what to buy.

Here is hoping you enjoy the cooler weather and read some great new books!

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