Austin Macauley’s Five Lengthy Books to Keep You Hooked


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

– C. S. Lewis

Reading long books is no less than a project. It requires dedication and commitment. You do not just read the books; you live within them for a while. Long books have their charm, the characters are described in such detail that the readers get lost in the story. Lengthy books allow readers to live in the world they are offering. Reading lengthy books requires patience and time. However, with the ongoing pandemic and social distancing becoming the new norm reading can be  an entertaining way to lose track of time.

We present to you a list of Austin Macauley Publishers’ lengthy books that will keep you hooked till the very end. With 500 pages or more, these books are definitely worth your time.


Diving with Seven Livelihoods

Book: Diving with Seven Livelihoods
Author: Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani

Born in a coastal village in Dubai the author was brought up in a marine environment. He grew up hearing stories from the senior sailors about the diving championships that intrigued his imagination. From a young age, he started working with his father making wooden ships and loved his job. He was so in love with the marine environment that he started collecting marine poetry. After joining the Dubai Police Force as a helicopter pilot, he practised air navigation—a branch of marine navigation. The author is very passionate about navigation, maps and everything related to stargazing, which comes through in his work.

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Come On, Let’s Run Away

Book: Come On, Let’s Run Away
Author: Ali Nasser (Bu Mayed)

This book aims to take the readers on a journey through the author’s beautiful memories of his past—the memories of school and the local neighbourhood, the memories that are almost erased, but still live in his heart. The writer narrates, “I dedicate to you a story from the memories of people who lived during those days, so that who didn’t live in that time can live it with us.”

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A Journey Goal: A Step Towards Achievement

Book: A Journey Goal: A Step Towards Achievement
Author: Manal Albassam

This book promotes that the achievement of goals requires good ideas, self-satisfaction and ambition. Presenting a plan for the continuity of business as well as thoughts and ideas on other topics such as social, administrative, and leadership. The plans and solutions presented in the book are designed to support the dreamers of the future.

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Linguistic Planning and Policies in the Baltic States

Book: Linguistic Planning and Policies in the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
Author: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Tajjo

This book discusses the linguistic planning experience in the Baltic states, pointing out many important questions about the concept of linguistic planning and its impacts. The book also discusses the role of language and the need for linguistic policies. Towards the end, the author talks about the evolution and experiences of Baltic states in linguistic planning.

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Aircraft Ground Handling

Book: Aircraft Ground Handling
Author: Subash S Narayanan

This book uses simple language to explain the processes required for aircraft ground handling, giving a brief introduction to airports and basic aviation knowledge. The author has shared all his experiences and knowledge from 26 years of working in the civil aviation industry. This book highlights the most critical functions involved in aircraft ground handling and is the perfect guide for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in the aviation industry.

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We hope that the shared long books will boost your interest in lengthy books. Visit our website to find our collection of long books.

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Austin Macauley’s Indelible Impression in 2019


Austin Macauley Publishers wish everyone a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.

We are about to sign off a memorable decade of our lives. This year, we participated in a variety of literary events that took place around the world, published books of highly skilled authors from different parts of the gulf region. Austin Macauley Publishers, as always, remained an active participant of all the major book fairs, festivals and seminars.

Austin Macauley are proud to have been successful in bringing the exposure for its exceptional authors through many of these events. Many of our authors went on to win prestigious literary awards and nominations this year.

All the talented and hardworking authors are always encouraged by Austin Macauley to make a mark and become an accomplished author by publishing their books through our platform.

Austin Macauley’s Major Events 2019

Published a Range of Unique Books:

Austin Macauley published a fair number of books this year. These include books from multiple genres ranging from crime, romance, thrillers to autobiographies and poetry. We have dedicated sections for fiction and non-fiction books respectively, which can be found on our website.

Jade Robertson Listed Among the 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab world:

Austin Macauley’s international publishing director, Jade Robertson, was listed among the “30 most influential women in the Arab World” by an internationally acclaimed weekly magazine, the Arabian Business.

Jade has been an invaluable asset to our organization and has played a vital role in our success internationally through her outstanding entrepreneurial skill set. Austin Macauley congratulate her on this achievement and wish her all the best.

11th Dubai Literature Fest

Austin Macauley attended the 11th Dubai Literature Festival, a one of its kind festival that is hosted by the Emirates Airline. The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is an international festival held annually in the UAE. It is held under the patronage of the ruler of Dubai, the honourable Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The honourable Sheikh also attended the event and graced us by visiting our booth as well.

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival is an exciting event that takes place every year in Sharjah. This year, the festival commenced from 17th to 27th April and was met with a large number of attendees.

Austin Macauley Publishers exhibited fascinating books at the event and our stand was overwhelmed by the response from the attendees, with a majority of children taking interest in our author’s books for children. Many of our authors were also present for a meet and greet and book signing events.

Our in-house team also organized various creative activities for children such as word-play, puzzles, quizzes, spelling-bee contests and colouring competitions. The winning participants won free books from our wonderful collection. It was a fun event for children and their families. We are looking forward to attending it next year with a greater number of books and exciting activities.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Right after the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, Austin Macauley also participated in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2019 which took place from 24th to 30th April. The event was attended by thousands of bibliophiles from around the world and literary enthusiasts pouring in from the neighbouring countries.

We were honoured to meet Shika Butol Al Qasimi from the Royal family and an acclaimed international chef, Bobby Chinn.

Austin Macauley had a great time meeting new and established authors, whilst catching up with some of our current authors who also took the time out to sign the copies of their books for interested attendees.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

The Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world’s largest trade fair for books based on the number of visitors as well as participating in publishing companies and exhibitors. As it is considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international trading deals, Austin Macauley Publishers naturally participated in the event.

The event saw more than 300,000 visitors in terms of numbers with more than 7000 exhibitors from 104 countries around the world. Many of Austin Macauley’s authors were also present for public appearance and book signing ceremonies. We plan to participate in the upcoming year as well with a greater number of attendees hopefully.

Sharjah International Book Fair 

The Sharjah International Book Fair is a ten-day event, which started in 1982 under the patronage of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. This festival is considered to be an important highlight in the Arab World and more so in the UAE due to the inherent interest of book reading in the general public.

The SIBF is among the 4th largest book fairs in the world and saw an influx of 2.4 million attendees in 2018. It was held from 30th October to 9th November 2019.

Seeing the obvious appeal, Austin Macauley Publishers decided to participate in the event and successfully exhibited our new releases to the public. Many of our authors also graced their fans with their presence in the fair.

Our Very Own Bookstore Opened in The Global Village, Dubai

Austin Macauley are proud to have been a part of the 24th season of the Global Village to inspire the passion of book reading in the younger generation. We recently opened our first bookstore in the recent edition of Global Village which started on 29th of October 2019.

If you are in Dubai and looking for some quality time, then do pay a visit to our Austin Macauley Bookstore – Shop 10 in the American Pavilion Global Village to get an amazing collection of books in numerous genres.

Jade Robertson attended “PublisHer” Summit

Our International Publishing Director, Jade Robertson, attended the “PublisHer” Summit held this year back in March. If you are an author, interested in joining a community that empowers women in publishing, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with them by clicking here. You can also become a part of them by attending the next summit in 2020. To sign up, click here.

Published The Arabic Version of “The Bilingual Revolution” 

Fabrice Jaumont known as the Godfather of language immersion programs published the Arabic version of “The Bilingual Revolution” via Austin Macauley UAE office. After receiving numerous medals and awards from the French government, the language veteran goes out to explain the significance of bilingual education. The masterpiece is now available on Austin Macauley’s official website. Get your copy today by clicking here.

Jade Robertson Participated in the Publishers Conference Organized by Sharjah Book Authority

Austin Macauley’s direction in action again! Jade Robertson participated in the Publishers Conference which was organized by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA). She shared her views on the importance of digital marketing tools in the industry and also enlightened the audience with her unique ideas regarding book publishing. To read more about her talk, click here.

More to Come in 2020

We have many new and interesting upcoming books for all our readers and book lovers out there. Many of our projects are in the pipeline and we are excited to welcome the new year with all the new challenges ahead. Keep visiting Austin Macauley Publishers’ website to stay updated about all our new and upcoming releases.

Some of our upcoming events are:

  • Sharjah Children’s Reading Fest (SCRF) 2020
  • Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2020
  • Setting up our bookstore in Global Village 2020
  • Frankfurt International Book Fair 2020
  • Sharjah International Book Fair 2020

If you are new to our website, you can find a vast variety of books across a multitude of genres here. You can also visit our social media profiles on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for new and inspiring reads this holiday season.