Best Mystery, Crime and Thriller Novels That Will Keep You Hooked

Crime and Thriller Novels

From edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller books to gripping crime and mystery novels, 2022 has been an exciting year for lovers of these genres.

Our thrilling tales will keep you wondering until the very last page, as the best books are those with savvy sprinklings of clues along the way that bring to life the inner detective in you. One of the best feelings when reading a mystery, crime, or thriller novel is being faced with tricky predicaments and yet still being able to throw a fist in the air saying “Aha! I knew it.” when the final reveal comes around.

We present our list of the most compelling thrillers, mysteries, and crime novels of 2022.


If you’re a fan of epic battles and survival at all costs, then this book is for you! The people of Earth and the visitors try to escape from an enemy besieging them. Little did they know there was something out of control that would settle this fierce fight. Who will prevail? Grab a copy to know more.



Deadly Dates

This book about love, violence, and loneliness will keep you on tenterhooks until the very last page. When Carl, a sales manager in a multinational company, loses his job, he starts visiting dating sites to curb his loneliness. However, things didn’t turn out the way he expected. Grab a copy to know more.




The Royal Falconer

This medieval mystery of epic proportions is filled with twists and turns. Will the king’s royal falconer solve the mysteries and prove Norman lady’s innocence before it is too late? Will he be able to save her from the gallows? Grab a copy to know more.



Rose Water

This is a dramatic police novel attempting to alleviate the complexity of a case with sequential and intertwined events. Beware! This story is addicting and you won’t be able to put it down. Grab a copy to know more.





This mindboggling read is about Ghassan’s journey and unfolds the secrets of the crimson incantations that lead him to his lost child. Moreover, he discovers something much more… what could it be? Grab a copy to know more.



Come On, Let’s Chase Him to Tunisia

In a verbal altercation between Salem and Brigitte, Brigitte ends up losing her life, leaving Peter heartbroken and seeking answers. This epic story of revenge will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. How far will you go to avenge your loved one? Grab a copy to know more.




Cold Revenge

As they say, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” When the daughter of a police brigade loses her father, family, friends, and herself, she sets off to take revenge on the culprits in a way no one ever imagined! Grab a copy to know more.



The Murder of Mrs. Soraya

This is an exciting story with mixed feelings and a great ending. Three characters live the struggle of the past, present and future. They meet, fall in love and sometimes indulge in hate. They conspire, and they sacrifice. So did they achieve their goals? Will love triumph over hate? Grab a copy to know more.




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