Cold Revenge

Amira Alammari Asraiti

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The daughter of a police brigade who is one of the most important officials in charge of the gun control police, is exposed to betrayal, treachery and harm by a weapons dealer out of revenge against her father. She loses her father, her family, friends, and herself, but coincidence pushed her to return after years to take revenge in a satanic spirit, frustrated ideas, and cold blood. “I did not believe the idea of revenge for my father, it was not a normal revenge, it was not clear revenge, it was like a cold war in which there is no clear competition, no soldiers, not even a weapon, my revenge on him was nothing but cold revenge.”

Amira Alammari Asraiti resides in Abu Dhabi, and she is an English teacher.
❖ She studied at the College of Arts and Humanities at Sharjah University, she graduated in 2017.

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