Best Arabic Books for Kids in 2022

Arabic books for kids

The language learning process is made up of two major aspects:, reality and fantasy. In reality, children learn by connecting words to objects and concepts through touching, hearing, and seeing. In addition,, they learn through reading stories, fairy tales and folklores, letting them fly through magical worlds and distant lands where honour rules. Stories for children are a means of education, helping them learn about values, morals, and norms in a community—in our case, the Arabic-speaking community.

When buying children’s books, we have to choose those books which have some purpose and moral. You want the books to be informative and relatable. A good book helps your child in learning new concepts, including colours, words, numbers and more  complex topics. Picking up the right book can often start a discussion between you and your child and motivate them to read independently and find teachable moments in the reads.

We at Austin Macauley have some of the best Arabic books for kids that will not only enhance their Arabic language, grammar and speaking skills, but also guide them on Arabic culture. These reads will teach them important life lessons and provide them with a knowledge of their community and literature.

Our latest releases are a mix of fantasy, short stories, inspirational, and informative Arabic stories for kids that are guaranteed to spark their imaginations and bring joy and happiness to them. These children’s books open portals to worlds full of entertainment, knowledge, awareness, and understanding. They don’t just take them into the imaginary worlds of magic and colours, but also challenge their creativity and make learning more of an adventure.

Let’s dive into the world of fantasy and adventure filled with magic and marvels, with our latest Arabic books for kids that your child will surely enjoy. Inspire your little ones to love learning Arabic with these inspiring easy-to-read books!

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Ahlam’s Victory

Ahlam’s Victory

We start our incredible list of the best Arabic books for kids to read in 2022 with Ahlam’s Victorywritten by Najla HamoudaIt takes us into the life of a young girl, Ahlam, and her inspirational story of failure. During her study, she faced a failure, which made her frustrated and anxious.

She worked hard and managed to turn that failure into success with her strong will and commitment. This act taught her a lesson about facing failures and creatingher own success. This prompted her to encourage others to achieve their dreams.

The book motivates young readers to face their failures and empowers them with self-belief and strong devotion. The book is a perfect gift for your child.

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Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary is a delightful book written by Shahd Alkubar that revolves around Aisen and her friends attending an international school. The school has students from around the world with different backgrounds and religions.

The book shares the fun daily activities and memories they had in their school until an unexpected event hits them with an important life lesson.. A total of ten events are shared in the book with valuable end lessons.

The book is a good gift for your child, teaching them about respect, communication, and goodwill.

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At Grandmother Hissa’s House

At Grandmother Hissa’s House

At Grandmother Hissa’s House is a beautiful fiction book that explores children’s delight in visiting their grandmother’s house.

The book shares a captivating portrayal of scenes from grandmother’s terrace, singing of birds, the feeling of wind with the sweet smell of basil and the hussle in the streets. The author has always hada feeling of comfort and security when visiting his grandmother. These sensations are illustrated in his writing.

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How a Whale and the Moon Helped Me

How a Whale and the Moon Helped Me

Yasmin was always a stubborn child as her father had spoiled her by fulfilling her every wish. She has become obsessed with having every new toy and gadget. Her latest absurd wish is of a new tablet, even she bought one only last month.

However, her  father refused to buy her a new one.

To what extent will she go to get her wish? How can a whale and the moon help her fulfil her desire?

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Munir the Millionaire

Munir the Millionaire

Munir the Millionaire by Zainab Ali Albahran is a delightful book about a young boy named Munir who is intelligent, energetic, and a keen observer. His knowledge of his surroundings and his observation skills helped him to realize the importance of wealth and finances.

This realization made him dedicated to finding ways to earn money and become rich. He starts searching for different ways to earn money when he grows up. This book teaches its readers about the importance of looking after your money and the advantages of being a keen observer.

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Nahola and the Insect Hunter

Nahola and the Insect Hunter

Nahola and the Insect Hunter is a children’s adventure story written by Omnia Bint Saeed Albadi. The story is about an active bee, busy in her daily activities of collecting honey with her friends. Her days are the same going from flower to flower, collecting honey and bringing it back to the hive.

It changed when she and her friends faced a daunting situation. This was no ordinary danger as she encountered an insect hunter trying to harm them and their hive. What will she and her friends do to protect themselves from the hunter?

This book is a good example to use when teaching children how to deal with unknown situations.

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The Lady of Colors

The Lady of Colors

The Lady of Colors is a beautiful story of a gorgeous butterfly whose wings are mesmerizing like the colours of flowers. Her beauty is admired all around the forest.

The story begins when the butterfly and her friend start a journey through the forest. The story takes a turn when they encounter interesting events and unwanted disasters during their voyage. They must find a way to finish their journey safely.

The book is a good example of ecocriticism, beautifully featuring different regions of the jungle. Malek AL-Chouayakh portrayed a marvellous picture of the scenes that take place during the characters’ journey in the forest.

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The Late Dress

The Late Dress

The Late Dress is a short story by Knanah Hatim Eissa narrating the adventures of two curious children, Talal and Lamar, and their friends through the United Arab Emirates. Talal and Lamar have always wanted to travel through the UAE and explore its beauty, people, and culture.

Their wish came true when they were allowed to travel and experience the colours of the United Arab Emirates. They met different people, tried new clothes, ate diverse foods, and attended various cultural events. The adventure they shared resulted in an overall memorable experience.

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The Little Nurse

The Little Nurse

Hima slipped and fell from the swing, injuring her knee in the process. The wound on her knee began bleeding, and she started crying as it was painful. She scampered home to her mother while crying with pain. Her mother comforted Hima and called Reem, the nurse living next door.

Reem came instantly and treated her wound, bandaging up her knee. Hime felt inspired and decided to become a nurse when she grew up. She started asking Reem questions about her profession.

Reem answered all the curious questions of Hima about her work. She explained the importance of nurses, their services, and the honourable profession. Author Reem Bent Nasir Aldosari gracefully describes the story and the nursing profession in the book. This book can also be a good gift for your child to spark interest in the nursing profession.

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From short stories to colourful picture books filled with fantasy and fun, these books contain key life lessons and principles. These Arabic books for kids will bring joy, nourish their characters, and create an everlasting positive impact. We hope that you’ll find the perfect book for your child from the list, to help open their minds to cultures beyond their own.

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