The Little Nurse

Dr. Reem Bent Nasir Aldosari

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Hima stumbled and injured her knees while she was running with her friends. She cried from pain. Blood started to flow increasingly. Hima rushed home crying to her mother, the mother eased Hima’s pain and called Reem, the nurse next door, to come and heal the wound. Reem came and sterilized the wound. Hima liked Reem, and she wished to become a nurse like her when she grows up, therefore she asked the nurse to tell her more about nursing. “Nursing is one of the health careers and it is one of the most honorable job. It is a humanitarian profession, as it helps the injured to recover,” the nurse said. Nurses provide health and treatment services to maintain individuals’ health and keep them healthy.

Dr. Reem Al-Dossary, a mother and an academic at Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University, College of Nursing. She has a passion for nursing and children’s literature and developing the culture of reading in children. She is an opinion writer and has a weekly column in Al Yaum, Saudi daily newspaper.

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