Reading Tips for Families & Children

Reading Tips For Families & Children

Families reading is fun, entertaining and extremely useful as it helps develop the habit of reading books, especially in children. Struggling readers can largely benefit from family reading sessions because it helps them gain confidence and motivation to read. Sharing a book with children and other family members helps build the family bond while keeping all entertained and engaged.

It’s usually difficult to keep children hooked onto a book, but family reading is a great way to keep young readers engaged and involved in reading. It’s the best technique to make young ones lifelong readers. Enjoying a story together is a reason for laughter, family discussions and lively bonding. If you’re not confident about reading together or your child is struggling with a book, here are a few tips to help you out.

Children Reading Tips

Looking for some interesting reading ideas for parents? Is your child weary of reading? It can be frustrating at times to get your child to read with you but do not fret as we got you covered with our handy pointers below. Take a look.

  • Ensure the book is interesting for all parties. It’s not worth sharing a book that your child is not interested in. If you’re thinking of reading together as a family, then it’s best to first ask your child to pick a title. A nice picture book, an engaging children’s book or an addictive piece of fiction, whatever your child chooses, make sure your kid is interested in the title. That way, they will stay engaged during the reading session and will be more inclined to develop a good reading habit as well.
  • There must be no distractions during family reading. If there is any TV, computer or another activity going on in the reading space, then make sure it’s finished before you start with the reading to ensure you get everyone’s full attention
  • While reading aloud, stop to ask questions about the book and discuss the different pointers in the book. If your child has difficulty in reading, talking about a picture book or a story can help remove any fears or issues. Motivate them to answer different questions about the book, brainstorm ideas and ask them if the book is making them feel any emotions and feelings and discuss these with them.
  • Sit closer together during the reading session and encourage the children to hold the book, turn pages and read aloud with you. If possible, try to act out different situations in the storybook and take turns to play out various characters in the book.
  • A picture book is a fun tool that can inspire your child to develop the habit of reading books. Look at the pictures together and ask your child to guess different situations in the story. You don’t necessarily have to read out the words in the text. Use pictures to encourage the young ones to discuss the literature and perhaps, laugh together at a funny moment or image.

Family Reading Tips

Families reading together is a great way to have fun and connect. Here are some handy family reading ideas that are sure to make every reading moment memorable and enjoyable.

  • Look for anything interesting to read like a newspaper, a detective novel or a romantic title. It could be a computing tutorial, a children’s picture book or historical fiction, anything that perks up your fascination. Have the children join in the fun. Readout loud with them by taking turns and pause for moments where you can discuss characters, the plot or anything associated with the literature.
  • Make it a habit to give books as gifts or presents and motivate your children to swap books with you and with the other family members. Then enjoy reading these books together and discussing the text over a nice dinner meal or an evening tea. This way, the kids will have new stories to read and talk about that will add to their literary prowess.
  • Visit your nearest library with the kids and look for some exciting books to read as a family. The library is stocked with interesting books that can be enjoyed with the family members and young ones. Also, check for important events like author meet-ups and author reading sessions at the library. It’s a great way to let your children meet their favourite authors and develop the habit of reading books.
  • While cooking or deciding the menu for a meal, have kids read out recipes to you and discuss cooking methods. If watching the TV, have them read out listings and program schedules. It will help build their language, vocabulary and grammar skills as well. Always have a family bookshelf in your home that is stocked with good books to read as a family, perhaps a Harry Potter or a Stephen King read that you can all enjoy at a cosy family gathering.

We have selected some cool books that you can enjoy reading as a family. These books are sure to make your reading activity indelible and worth every minute.












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