Seeking Hope

Noor Hashem Al Shatry

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Laila is a young woman in her 30s living a life filled with grief after her husband Nasser’s death, in some accident, and she remained alone with her daughter Ola, and after a while her family started asking her to remarry, but she always refused, because of her family pressure to marry, and the city of Dubai where she lived with her husband which always reminds her of him, she decides to move to another city specially Abu Dhabi, to find the hope and happiness that she lost after the death of her husband. Follow this interesting story told by Laila by her own, where events have taken place since 2008 till date.

Noor Hashem Al-Shatri: Born in Abu Dhabi in 1991. A graduate of Zayed University specializing in "New Media". "Writing has been my passion since childhood, and my book (Seeking Hope) is the first book I have written and published."

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