Inspirational New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Readers

Inspirational New Year's Resolution Ideas for Readers

It’s that time of the year again! The New Year has just begun, and its time to look back on the last 12 months to see how far you have come, and reflect on what you have achieved from the previous year. What were your goals, and to what extent you were able to keep up with those resolutions? What were the mistakes that we made and, how are we going to correct them this year? This year should not be the same as all previous years.

A new year means an opportunity to experience new things, read new books, explore new ideas and expand your literary horizons. Before all this, it’s time to think about your new year reading resolutions! Our New Year’s resolutions can be simple, and achievable rather than setting unrealistic goals and then punishing ourselves to achieve those goals. We can set the goals based on our self-compassion. In that way, we can keep our resolutions and feel happier in the process. Making yourself committed to your resolutions can result in a healthier, more balanced and satisfying year.

Setting a New Year’s resolution is one of the traditions of a new year. Similarly, another unwanted tradition is breaking those resolutions within a month. However, this year should not be the same, you can change this undesirable tradition by setting a realistic and small goal that you can achieve with consistent efforts and achieve satisfaction.

To help achieve your New Year’s resolutions, you have to stay committed whether it’s reading more books, listening to more audiobooks, or organizing your bookshelves. Well, we have rounded up a list of 10 inspiring ideas for our readers that are easy to complete and make 2022 a book-filled year. Making an effort and completing even one (or more) of these resolutions can further increase your happiness and satisfaction. We have also shared some of our latest releases that you can read as one of your resolutions.

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Read More Books

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is reading more books, and for the right reasons. This resolution is easily achievable as readers always tend to focus on more reading. This way, we can achieve our reading goals. We can bend this resolution as we need, track our reading, keep a reading log, attempt reading new genres and diverse authors. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the world from other perspectives.

Join a Book Club

Reading is often considered a reclusive activity; however, it doesn’t have to be this way. For this year, try joining a book club in your area to socialize and make some friends while reading. This way, you can come out of your comfort zone and interact with like-minded individuals. If your non-reading resolution was to socialize more, then you can have two for the price of one.

Trek a Mountain 

Sometimes you have to do something just for the sake of pride and achievement. Hiking a mountain can bring an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. While attempting this feat, don’t forget to bring your favourite book with you because sometimes all you need is a dose of fresh air and your favourite book on a hillside. This activity can be one of those New Year’s resolutions that you will remember for a long time.

Declutter Your Bookshelf

Do you have books sitting in the bags, overflowing your shelves, or lying around different places in your house? If so, then it’s time to declutter and organize your bookshelves!

Cleaning out your space can create a sense of relief. Quell your stress by decluttering your bookshelves, donating any book you don’t read anymore to your book club or library to create a clean and organised place. It is a useful resolution if you don’t have enough shelf space for all the books you own, and it can be an exciting New Year’s resolution.

Reread a Favourite Book

While cleaning out your bookshelves, maybe you can find the all-time favourite book that you were planning to read again. It could be best-selling science fiction or classic romantic poetry—whatever it is, commit to reading it and experience the joy and thrill you felt the last time. This resolution is particularly easy to complete and has no downside. Reading your favourite book will bring back a remarkable sense of nostalgia and feelings you felt the first time.

Explore New Genres 

For this new year, if you want your New Year’s resolution to be more rewarding, then try exploring new genres. This can open up new horizons and you can read more diverse books. Reading helps us learn new things, explore new worlds and experience new emotions.

For this resolution, pick a number and read that number of books of different genres that you don’t usually read. Try reading foreign authors and experience how they view the world. This experience can be remarkable with endless opportunities.

Write a Thank-You Card

One of the trending New Year’s resolutions can be writing a thank-you note to someone. It can be your teacher that helped you start a career, any family member that inspired you on the way, your favourite author that you love reading or your childhood friend that was always there for you. Buy a card, write down what changed you and how they inspired you, and send it. This will bring immense joy and pleasure, and they will cherish your kind words, and in a way, you will fulfil your resolution.

Finish a Book Series

You’ve always promised yourself to read that famous book series from the best selling author. Well, it’s time you make it happen. For this New year’s resolution, make sure to read the series that you always desired. You can read at any pace while enjoying the moments you experience during that read.

Support Your Local Library

Libraries rely on readers. Their survival is dependent on the community and the readers. Without them, the libraries fail to exist. Therefore, this year, make your New Year’s resolution to support your local library in every way possible. You can contribute and show support by donating your books, time, and money for the betterment of your community library and readers.

Have Fun While Reading

The most important resolution on the list is having fun and enjoying reading. Whether you managed to achieve other goals or not, you should always find ways to have fun and create memories to cherish. Reading is a source of joy and happiness and, we should do those activities that give us pleasure and personal satisfaction cause every day is a beginning of a new year.

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Self-improvement Convo

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Crows on Fetish

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My Heart’s Words

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These inspiring New Year’s resolutions can help readers set new goals for the new year.  Austin Macauley has always tried to provide its readers with a unique and memorable experience. If you are interested in reading more informative and inspiring blogs, you can check out our blog section. Be a part of Austin Macauley by sharing your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling this Online Submission Form.

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