Five Poetry Books You Cannot Resist to Read This Autumn

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Poetry—its creation and appreciation—is a part of our DNA. Since time began, poetry has been our emphatic companion, feeding our minds and healing our souls. It’s like lenses we wear to see the world differently, understand people and emotions more profoundly, and broaden the horizons of our thoughts…more freely.

Poets transform what we see as mundane thoughts into beautiful words. They give life to inanimate objects in such a vivid way as if they are alive, talking to us and comprehending us. And it’s after this transformation that we are able to observe beauty and purpose even in such trivial happenings. They put into words love, romance, beauty, nature, peace, dreams, compassion and humour.

Autumn—the favourite time of the year for poets and poetry enthusiasts—is upon us.  Below we have included a handful  of our poetry books. Dive into this collection and cherish this autumn with these heartfelt and powerful collections of poems.


Hearts Fell Apart

Book: Hearts Fell Apart
Author: Ahmed Saeed

Hearts Fell Apart is a book of moving poems. Standing at the crossroads of his life, Ahmad Saeed asks himself: Where is the beloved, and where is the path to her? Away from his true and innocent love, burning in the cruel period of separation, his words feel like the embers of lost love. The poems in this book will make their way into the deepest corners of your heart. You’ll find yourself in the shoes of the writer, crying when the writer cries, smile when he smiles and express the hopes of his lover’s return when he does so. Order your copy here at 30% off and give yourself a meaningful ride in the wilderness of your own heart.



So Many Hats (or Veils)

Book: So Many Hats (or Veils)
Author: Wid Kattan

So Many Hats (or Veils) is a book of poems which will compel you to ask yourself this important question: ‘Who am I and what is this hat I am wearing?’

Every one of us plays many and different roles in this one and only  life. The author represents these roles with wearing hats. Can you make a connection with someone who wears hats that you can’t understand? Hats that even seem to be intimidating? Could one wear many hats without losing oneself? These are the themes the poet explores in her poetry. Grab a copy of this thought-provoking book at 30% off here.



On Par With Emotions

Book: On Par With Emotions
Author: Daham El mezrab

What makes a book of poems so remarkable is the fact that it stirs various emotions in you simultaneously. One poem can be cathartic, another reassuring; one verse brutal, another very tender. Written to relieve personal struggles and stress, On Par with Emotions expresses emotions that force a connection with the readers. It has violated poetic laws, and has religiously followed them; has poetic madness, but devotion towards Godly mysticism too. Honestly and sincerely expressed, these poems will take you to a world of your own, providing you with the much-needed retreat into your own self. Claim a copy of this beautiful book at 30% off here.



Full Stop

Book: Full Stop
Author: Esra’a Yousef

It’s rare that a spontaneous train of thoughts strikes our mind, giving a continuous flow to words as if these words are a stream of water, liberally coming from a benevolent fountain. But when you notice this much profuse flow of words, be assured that there is a great secret behind the writer—the secret which must carry meaning for you. Full Stop is one such book. Immerse yourself in this amazing read, available at 30% off and live through the striking characters the poet has portrayed in her poetry.




Twenty Five

Book: Twenty Five
Author: Shoaq A. Aljuhani

Twenty Five is a small but beautiful anthology of poems. These poems tell the story of incidents the writer experienced in 11 months—a period covering the transition of the writer. These 11 months shaped her thoughts, her beliefs and tested her sanity in various ways. Get a copy of this perspective-changing book at 30% off here to know what happened to the writer and how she responded to the changes she saw coming.





We believe these popular poetry books will satisfy your literary taste buds. If you want to explore more, we have much more in store for you. Click here and pick your favourite titles at 30% off.

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