Hearts Fell Apart

Ahmed Saeed

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When our hearts endure so much over a lifetime, the point of falling apart becomes close. In the case of the poet, the appearance of this collection of poems was the true explosion of the flood of his feelings, which gathered with the approaching of mid-age, as if this explosion was a scream of a help caller at the crossroads of life, looking for meaning and for the lost self. He walked along the path of pearls until it exhausted him, looking for the promise of lost love, and his steps led him to more questions: Where is the beloved, and where is the way to her?! He only has pieces of nostalgia that take him to his beloved’s silhouette while he is calling out for her to return, because he is in need of her love, but immigration cruelly took him away from her, to punish him for her innocent love. Their only sin is this pure love, which the circumstances gathered around and changed him in such a way that he became a completely different person. He returns to the night love because it reminds him of her, and he begins to walk in the path of departure without waiting for her to ask, for the beloved is no longer the beloved, and he is no longer her lover, and he will remain with his weak heart, which has turned to stone after her. And so, hearts fell apart to announce withdrawal and defeat before fate, in the hopes that a day will come to restore what had been broken.

Dr. Ahmed Saeed, a pharmacist by studies, holds the position of Marketing Manager in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. He holds many courses in various fields of business, such as business administration, project management, marketing, and sales, and he has a special interest in literature and poetry from a young age. His love for the Arabic language has increased since his growing up in a family of reading lovers, especially in the fields of literature and history. He has won several awards in his field of work, such as: Global Business Excellence Award.

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