You Can

Issam Al Moghaizawy

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Within you, there is an inner voice that you cannot deny or ignore, the voice of your dreams that you unjustly imprisoned, the wishes you forgot about, and aspirations that couldn’t come true.

Listen to that voice again. It invites you to return to the battle of dreams and asks you to try again to achieve your goals.

Ignore all those frustrating voices from your outer world and knock on the doors of your dreams one more time.

Return to the ship of your dreams, be the captain, and sail to the ports of happiness… This time you will have more strength to achieve victory, as you have experience from your previous attempts that will enable you to avoid what led you to failure last time.

Despite all the circumstances that afflict your world, and despite all the winds that seek to remove the cloud of your dreams from the land of your happiness, be strong and strive to translate your dreams into reality. Be a difficult number in all those equations that aim to eliminate you from the calculation of life.

You can do it.

Issam Al Moghaizawy is an Omani writer and innovator. He has many local and international participations in various fields. He has won many awards at the local level in the fields of literary article and scientific research. He was also invited to attend the Nuclear Energy Conference. He tends in his literary writings to the field of human development as he is fully convinced of the importance of this field in achieving goals and dreams.

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