Of Butterflies and Cocoons

Hafsa Tameez

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The author suffers from social anxiety disorder. Problem is, no one seems to quite understand what that is. What does social anxiety look like on the ground? In therapy? In day-to-day living? How can a therapist or a family member understand how our minds work? What can we do to fight this debilitating disorder? And what is it with scientists and speeches anyway?

In a hilariously macabre journey of rainbows, unicorns and self-analysis, Hafsa shares her insight into what makes social anxiety tick, and what simple steps we can take to overcome it.

Hafsa Tameez likes to consider herself a jack-of-all-trades and may have more grandiose dreams than she has time to pursue. She is an interior designer, a cultural heritage management expert, and a lifelong devotee of the anime world. She’s not entirely convinced superpowers are not real and is immovably certain her cat is out to get her.

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